Vienna museums launch OnlyFans account to display ‘explicit’ artworks

The city of Vienna is adopting an unconventional approach to art regulation, putting its most “explicit” artworks on public display on the adults-only internet portal OnlyFans.

In reaction to the banning of certain creative material including nudity on social media, the Vienna tourist board is now exhibiting art from four of the city’s most renowned institutions on the adults-only site.

Some Austrian museums, such as the Albertina and the Leopold, have lately encountered difficulties while uploading artwork on social media accounts, resulting in the banning of some nudity-themed artwork.

The Albertina Museum’s TikTok account was stopped in July, and then restricted, when it displayed works by Nobuyoshi Araki, a Japanese artist and photographer, that featured a partially-obscured breast.

Instagram said in 2019 that a painting by the renowned Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens had broken the platform’s community standards. When the Leopold Museum celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this year, a video featuring Koloman Moser’s work was rejected by Facebook and Instagram because it was identified as “possibly sexual” by the sites.

OnlyFans, a subscription-based website best recognised as a venue for sharing and watching pornographic material, now has these pieces and more of Vienna’s “18+ stuff” on full, unfiltered display.
Vienna is home to “some of the world’s most famous artists […] whose works pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in art and society at the time […] so it hardly comes as any surprise that some of their artworks fell foul of the censors over 100 years ago,” according to the capital’s tourism board.

The fight against censorship continues: with the growth of social media, restrictions like this are now again making news. Nudity and ‘lewd’ material are firmly in the crosshairs of major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.”

“Vienna and its art institutions are among the victims of this new wave of prudishness,” according to the tourist board, which is why “the capital’s world-famous ‘explicit’ artworks have been placed on OnlyFans.”

OnlyFans, according to Vienna’s tourism board, “shook up social media by giving creators a platform where they could freely share nude and pornographic content with subscribers,” and “shook up social media by giving creators a platform where they could freely share nude and pornographic content with subscribers.”
Subscribers will get a free Vienna city pass or a free ticket to any of the highlighted institutions, where “uncensored pieces of art in question may be viewed in the flesh,” according to the city’s tourist agency.

OnlyFans itself ran into censoring problems in August of this year when it imposed a restriction on “sexually explicit material,” a move that drew so much criticism that it was overturned only days later.

Among Us Hack Mod Apk Free Download

It’s hardly surprising that gamers are already looking for new methods to hack in the online game Among Us. The game has captivated everyone’s attention with its thrilling and entertaining method to interact at a time when everyone needs it the most. Although winning is not everything, some individuals consider it to be the primary motivation for playing a game. As a result, people begin to abuse the game by using hackers and exploits. This post will go over how to obtain Among Us hacks mod apk and the features that come with the game for free and make it more interesting. So, let’s get started.

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Download Among Us Mod Apk

Among Us was released in 2018, however it was hit by the epidemic. Popular streamers such as PewDiePie, James Charles, and Chance Morris began broadcasting the game to millions of people during the lockdown. Currently, the game has over 90 million downloads across various platforms.

Among Us is a multiplayer game in which ten players are dropped down on an alien spacecraft, planet base, and sky headquarters. Each player is assigned a private role, either crewmate or impostor. The game is available on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. The game is available for free download. You will, however, need to make in-game purchases.

This is where Among Us Mod apk comes in handy. All pets, skins, and headgear are unlocked for free in the modified version. You will also be able to enjoy the game without being interrupted by advertisements. There are many advantages to owning the modified Among Us game, which we will explain in the next part. Meanwhile, don’t forget to download the apk file from the provided link.

Among Us Hack Mod Apk has the following features:
In this section, we will go over all of the features and advantages of the Among Us mod Apk. These features will allow you to change the game’s default behaviour. So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of downloading the modified version of Among Us.

1. Recognizing the imposter

You can simply examine the information of every player on the spacecraft with this hack. It’s the greatest method to learn about your crewmates and imposters. When the game begins, the list will indicate the player’s name, death status, and role (imposter or crewmate). You may tell your crewmates about the imposters and retain the title for yourself.

2. Timer for No Kill Cool-Down

A cool-down period prevents the imposters from murdering the crewmates before the meeting can be called, according to the game’s rules. So, if you activate the no cool-down timer hack, imposters may immediately murder crewmates one after the other without regard for the timed countdown limit. This technique, however, only works if you are an impostor in the game.

3. Speed Boost

You may change your player’s speed from 0 to 15 with this hack. If you use this hack, it will only impact your player’s speed and not the speed of other players in the game. This exploit, however, is readily detected by other players. As a result, it would be preferable if you avoided it before being booted from the server.

4. There Is Always An Imposter

This is the best trick you can apply on Among Us right now. You will constantly be an impostor in the game if you use this hack. Except for a few instances, it usually works and you will be an impostor in the game. And after you’ve become an impostor, you may utilise additional hacks to win the game, such as the No Sabotage Cooldown and Doors Cooldown hacks.

5. Ad-Free Hack

Tired of the ad that appears every time you attempt to enter the server room? You may, however, activate the no-ads hack. This is one of the most often used hacks on the list. By deactivating the advertisements when rejoining the server room, you will save a significant amount of internet bandwidth.

6. Make Your Characters Unique

Are you enthralled by the store’s selection of skins, pets, and hats? If you attempt to buy these clothes and creatures, it will cost you a lot of money. However, with the mod apk loaded, you can simply access all of the character skins and personalise your characters to your liking.

7. Long-Distance Kills

You can easily kill the crewmates even if they are far away from the impostor using the long-ranged death hack. It is one of the greatest hacks for imposters since the game is in your hands and you can simply murder your crewmates to win.

How to Get and Install Among Us Hack Mod Apk?
To get the Among Us mod apk file, just follow these simple instructions. The game file may then be downloaded and installed on your device. In addition, in order to continue, you must first remove the previous or original version of Among Us.

Download the Among Us apk mod

Navigate to your File Manager and look for the mod apk file.
Now, go to the settings menu and check the Unknown Source box.
Then, double-click the apk file to begin the installation process.

Display above other app permission choices, as seen in the picture.

Start your game and choose the features you wish to utilise from the mod menu.

And it’s finished. You may now use the Among Us hacks as you see fit.

Final Thoughts

Among Us is a great game to play with your pals. You’ll love being an impostor much more if you download the modified version. So, go ahead and download the mod apk file from the provided link right now. After that, you may use it to unlock all of the skins, pets, and extra hacks. We’ve also gone through all of the greatest elements you can utilise to stand out in the game. If you have any problems installing the mod file, just follow the instructions provided.

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Netflix: what is the carbon footprint of an hour of streaming in 2021?

Watching an episode and a half of your current series is equivalent to traveling 400 meters by car, reveals “Le Parisien”, Sunday April 11.

What’s better in these cold, confined times than watching your favorite series? Streaming platforms have been popular in recent months, to such an extent that Netflix, which has at least seven million subscribers in France, represents a quarter of French Internet traffic. The platform recently unveiled its global carbon footprint. “One hour of streaming in 2020 corresponds on average to less than 100 grams of CO2 equivalent, or the consumption of a 75 W fan for 6 hours,” revealed Emma Stewart, director of sustainable development at Netflix. Watching an episode and a half thus amounts to traveling 400 meters in a gasoline car, explains Le Parisien.

To better understand its energy bill, Netflix called on Impacts, a calculation tool developed by researchers at the University of Bristol, at the start of the year. The platform offered the services of Carnstone, the firm that markets subscriptions to this supercomputer. The latter is already used by the BBC or English private channels to quantify their carbon footprint and identify avenues for optimization, recalls the daily. Netflix has therefore submitted its internal data to the algorithms of this software. These take into account the power consumption of data centers, Internet networks and devices used for watching an episode. Result: an annual estimate based on hundreds of millions of users, then divided by the number of hours viewed.

A “not aberrant” result

To confirm these conclusions, Le Parisien submitted the results to experts in the digital carbon footprint. “The order of magnitude given does not seem to me to be absurd,” replied Maxime Efoui-Hess, project manager of the think tank The Shift Project. “The environmental impact is indeed low per hour of streaming, but the volume of Netflix subscribers ultimately increases the energy bill,” he continues. As for the research director of a large Internet service provider preferring to remain anonymous, this one evokes “fairly credible” results. According to him, “this carbon footprint calculated at the global level could even be lower in France thanks to its much more carbon-free nuclear energy”.