Pornhub Montreal’s Porn was Denounced

Pornhub Office

The site of pornography on the internet, the Montreal-based company MindGeek, is accused of taking advantage of the distribution of amateur porn videos without the permission of the people who appear there.

“In a matter of seconds, you can download amateur videos from MindGeek sites (such as Pornhub) without the consent of the people there,” says Kate Isaacs, a British activist behind a move called #NotYourPorn.

The lives of many women are destroyed, she says. Men can take revenge on their ex-partner by exposing their sexual antics and hackers.

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The increasingly visible #NotYourPorn movement in the UK specifically targets MindGeek because of its dominant position in the industry. The Montreal-based company, whose head office is in Luxembourg for tax reasons, would control 80% of pornography on the internet.

“And everything suggests that MindGeek is benefiting from these pornhub videos,” Kate Isaacs adds. The business model of its sites is similar to that of YouTube. Free content derives.

The three main sites of MindGeek, YouPorn, Pornhub Premium and RedTube, offer a category specific to these videos: “Leaked sex tape”.

“There are videos that come from real leaks and expose the real names of the victims,” ​​she says.

The petition participates in the #NotYourPorn movement.

MindGeek did not respond to interview requests from the QMI Agency.



Anyone who is guilty of distributing or making an intimate image of a person who does not consent may be sentenced to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years. Için For the user who downloads the content of the company or employee as well as the distributor, Paul says Paul Laurier, president of the security and digital survey firm. Vigiteck.


  • He would have 80% of the porn industry on the Internet.
  • Over 115 million visitors daily
  • 15 terabytes per day, 6,000 movies.
  • More than 1000 employees in six offices around the world.