Starwatch: see blood-red Antares pair with the silvery moon | Science


There’s something wonderful about seeing the silvery moon contrasted with the blood-red gentle of Antares, the large star in Scorpius, the Scorpion. Tonight presents a great opportunity to see this pairing.

The chart exhibits the view wanting south from London at midnight as 16 Might turns into 17 Might. The moon can be full with 99% of its seen floor illuminated. Will probably be about 3.5 levels away from Antares (for reference the total moon itself measures about 0.5 levels throughout).

Antares is the fifteenth brightest star seen within the sky and the brightest star in Scorpius. It slowly varies its brightness by an element of about 0.75 however doesn’t comply with a daily cycle. This makes it a “sluggish irregular variable star”, a poorly understood class of variable star which might embody all kinds of causes.

This week, the pairing is well seen from the southern hemisphere too. Typically, the farther south you go, the upper within the sky Scorpius seems, and so the better it’s to see. From Sydney, Australia, Antares and the moon can be excessive within the jap sky, in direction of the zenith, at midnight as 17 Might turns into 18 Might.

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